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Date:Apr 5, 2024

Video was used to promote the town’s culture, education, nature, economic opportunity, quaintness, and people. Photos enhanced the website's ability to showcase the town.


Discover New Carlisle

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Video Production, Photography




We focused on 3 things to make these photos work. First, wide angles to give viewers a general overview and mapping of the town. Second, textures. We wanted to capture the feeling of small-town America and the natural elements that make it feel fun, bright, natural, and friendly. Third, Color editing. We went for a warmer bend in the color tone to instill a sense of nostalgia and warm summer, making the town more welcoming.


The town promotional video and website photography gave us the opportunity to showcase and represent the new and emerging branding of Discover New Carlisle.


To revitalize and expand its economy while preserving its unique charm and identity, our strategy for the town focused on showcasing what sets it apart. We started by spotlighting the diverse range of housing options—from bustling downtown residences to serene country living—each contributing to the town's multifaceted appeal. The town's school, a cornerstone of its heritage and community spirit, was also featured prominently, underscoring its role in shaping the town's character. A pivotal aspect of our approach was to illuminate the economic potential within New Carlisle. By presenting buildings ripe for renovation alongside flourishing businesses, we painted a vivid picture of opportunity and success achievable on the same streets. The shining star of our narrative, however, was the town's residents. Their stories, values, and dreams are what truly define New Carlisle, making it a place of endless possibilities and enduring allure.

We had the opportunity to capture the town's aesthetic for representation on the new website.

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