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Date:Jan 22, 2024

A full brand and website for a startup solar installer


K2 Power Solutions

Project Date:

July 2022-May 2023


Strategy, Branding, UX/UI Design, Web Development




K2 Power Solutions came to J2 as a startup with no brand and no digital or physical presence. We were able to start from square one and build them a custom brand and website that perfectly fit with their goals and with the delicate stage of their business. A unique challenge we faced was creating all of this collateral with the goal of slow, controlled growth.


We created a full brand and got them started with simple collateral like business cards and yard signs. We handled the project in phases to coordinate with their timeframe and key dates. We built their website in two phases: first, a landing page to solidify a presence, and second a full website to detail their services and capabilities.

Two Photo Block
Two Photo Block

When harvesting solar energy it is important to note how the layout of land can have a significant impact on the amount and distribution of sunlight it receives. This factor can ultimately affect the efficiency of converting sunlight into usable electricity.

Two Photo Block
Two Photo Block

The topographic lines represented in the brand pattern help planners and engineers optimize the placement and orientation of solar panels to harness the maximum amount of solar energy available at any given location. At K2 Power Solutions, they leverage patterns to facilitate solar energy connections for their clients, identifying exceptional opportunities.

The amorphous figures in the brand symbolize the manifestation of energy. Despite our inability to directly perceive the shape of energy, we can witness its ultimate outcome and the manner in which it materializes. When incorporated into the brand, these shapes aid in illustrating the idea of solar energy. The irregular and disordered structure of amorphous silicon is advantageous as it provides a larger surface area for sunlight exposure. When the sun’s rays hit the solar panels, they cause the electrons in the solar cells to become excited, resulting in the production of electricity. This electrical energy can then be utilized to power homes, buildings, and various other devices, or it can be saved in batteries for future use.