Walter and Keenan


We Realigned the Digital Identity of a Financial Leader




Date:Apr 29, 2024


Walter & Keenan Wealth Management

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Strategy, Content, UX/UI Design, Web Development




Enhanced the user experience, and created a digital product that aligned with their business strategy.


The digital overhaul presented a golden opportunity to realign Walter & Keenan’s online identity with its strategic vision. It was a chance to redefine how users perceive and interact with the brand, transforming their digital journey into an engaging, intuitive experience. This opportunity was not just about a new look; it was about crafting a digital narrative that speaks directly to the hearts and minds of users, inviting them into a world where tradition meets innovation.


The incorporation of modern design elements with the rich, dependable history of the company’s brand and vision renewed its digital presence, instilling a sense of reliability in users. Our solution provided the client a blend of modern design elements with the rich, dependable history of Walter & Keenan’s brand. We introduced an experience that reflects both the company’s storied past and its forward-looking vision. The redesign not only enhanced user engagement but also instilled a renewed sense of trust and admiration for the brand.

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By incorporating modern design principles, intuitive navigation, and interactive elements, we built a digital platform that stands as a testament to Walter & Keenan’s commitment to excellence and instilled a new sense of trust for their brand.

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