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, Video Production

Date:Jul 15, 2021




Video Production


Complete Sound Design and use of actors to accomplish authenticity.


J2 had an opportunity to highlight the region’s large and diverse range of attractions. VSBM needed us to promote unique themes related to sports, parks, food, history, outdoor recreation, and seasonal specialties through many videos. The goal was for the viewers to feel immersed in the activities and be inspired to experience it themselves.


VSBM wanted a way to increase its marketing through video content so we met people where they would already be going: YouTube ads! The video format allowed us to showcase the energy and practical user experience of each attraction. Such as how the leaves look when they fall, how fast you tube down a hill in the winter, and what the energy feels like at a fun bar. Hiring a range of actors gave us another layer of showcasing diverse attractions that are desirable to a varying range of people. Sound engineering was another large component in strongly communicating the feeling of the attractions. Every sound effect was added in post to have the most control over sound, timing, and volume. Exaggerating sound in some areas and pulling back in others allowed us to build and drop the energy as needed to tell a story through sound and visuals.

Two years were spent acquiring footage throughout different seasons and events to build these videos. It was imperative to keep a cohesive tone and edit while continuously adding content month after month.