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We Doubled the Attendance for the Raclin Murphy Museum of Art’s Grand Opening




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Date:Mar 25, 2024

An ad campaign featuring the opening of the Raclin Murphy Museum of Art


Raclin Murphy Museum of Art, University of Notre Dame

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J2 developed dynamic designs across multiple mediums, including billboards, digital advertisements, and street banners, characterized by their bold and modern appeal. Strategically positioned throughout the community and extending beyond, from local malls to the bustling streets of Chicago, these advertisements effectively engaged and captivated audiences, drawing attention to the exciting prospect of the new museum. The Studio team utilized music composition, advanced film techniques, and OTT advertising platforms to mobilize an audience further.


The Raclin Murphy Museum of Art provided us with the opportunity to engage with a wide audience, emphasizing their role in enriching the community through the establishment of a new, publicly accessible art museum. While still under construction, the museum wanted to showcase as much of its world-class facility to as many people as possible. They entrusted J2 with the challenge of capturing the essence and vision without it being fully materialized, in the form of a commercial.


We incorporated Raclin’s branded, rich purple in the background of creative to symbolize the elevated feel of the museum and to capture the audience's attention. Images of the curated items that would be on exhibit were strategically placed on the purple background to pique curiosity about the museum's offerings. The message 'Free to All' was seamlessly integrated into the design to underscore the museum's commitment to accessibility and to encourage people to explore its galleries, fostering a deeper appreciation for art. These advertisements were strategically placed in people's daily environments to ensure that the grand opening remained at the forefront of their minds.


We doubled the expected attendance for the grand opening weekend. Over 2x the expected attendance.:

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"Thanks to J2 Marketing's efforts, the Raclin Murphy Museum of Art experienced a successful turnout during its grand opening weekend, December 1-3, far exceeding our expected attendance. The designs and successful commercial and strategic advertising developed by J2 resonated with our community, sparking excitement and drawing in visitors of all backgrounds. We were very pleased with their dedication to understanding our vision and developing impactful campaigns to engage with our audiences. J2 Marketing not only helped us achieve our goals but also fostered a deeper connection with our community, ensuring a memorable and inclusive experience for all who attended."

Gina Costa, Communications Program Director | Raclin Murphy Museum of Art

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