Hayes Design Co.


Signs of Success: The Transformation to Hayes Design Co.




Date:Mar 13, 2024

Rebranding from Burkhart Sign Systems to Hayes Design Co.


Hayes Design Co.

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Design, Content




The design team focused on intentional design by deeply understanding a company's goals, values, and history. This approach ensured that the brand reflected these aspects consistently throughout its entirety.


The new owner of Burkhart Design sought to signify the company's transition into a new phase. As part of this transformation, the company's name was changed from Burkhart Sign Systems to Hayes Design Co. The original name was an origin/founder's brand name, and the new name follows suit, keeping the tradition. While maintaining the same commitment to high-quality service, the new direction included plans for continual expansion and growth. The name change presented an opportunity to establish a modern and sophisticated brand identity.


A modern logo was crafted, employing flowing, circular lines to embody the polished and organized work that the company values. Brand Marks were developed to offer an outlet to display more personality as a design company. The color palette, featuring a dynamic blue and orange balanced with a subdued gray, exudes sophistication and boldness. The blue signifies the stability and loyalty that Hayes offers its customers, while the vibrant orange inspires conversation and interaction. This visual identity is complemented by typography that is structured yet subtly curved, reflecting the steadfast commitment to high-quality service that Hayes pledges to maintain.

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