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July 30, 2020
Water Your Own Grass

We constantly use comparisons to measure everything around us.

We compare yesterday’s weather to today’s.

This color to that color.

Their work to ours.

But that last one can be the most harmful.


Comparing yourself to others can be helpful to gauge where you’re at.

However, if you aren’t viewing others through an understanding lens, you may be doing more harm to yourself.




Your lawn won’t get any greener if you keep watering your neighbor’s.

Make sure you are investing time into yourself to improve your craft.

It is certainly fine to look at other’s work, but don’t say your work is awful.

Look at other work and think, “How can I improve?”

Maybe you can try some of their wording/style/etc.


Another important note, don’t compare someone’s decade of experience to your one year.

Always remember to water your own grass

And maybe after some time, you’ll be doing better than your original comparisons.