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May 17, 2021
Two Elements of Better Decisions

Good decisions are accessible and assessable.

  1. Accessible in that they are clear, simple to grasp, and able to be used.
  2. Assessable in that we can tell if they accomplished the intended goal.

A non-accessible goal can lead to mistrust in an organization.

  • If people don’t know why the decision was made, it will be tough to get behind it when things go awry.
  • If people don’t know what the decision is, they can’t follow through on it.
  • If decisions are made by people in the upper echelons without input from the lower echelons, they may not be solving the correct problem.

A non-assessable goal leads us in circles.

  • If we can’t measure success, how can we build on it?
  • If we can’t assess the improvement of team dynamics and work culture, how will we know if we’re an attractive organization to work for?
  • If we can’t feel the impact on client satisfaction, how will we boost retention?

And of course, these work for personal decisions as well.

Can the people in your life understand and act on the decision you’ve made? In other words, is it accessible to them?

Do you have a built-in time to reevaluate and reflect on if the decision was the correct one? Have you established assessability to your decisions?