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Social media tends to change daily…if not hourly on occasion, and to keep your business in the online marketing game it’s important to (at least attempt) to stay up-to-date with what’s new, what’s out, what’s different and what doesn’t matter. So here are a few recent changes to take note of in the ever-changing world we’ve come to know as social media…




Turns out Facebook surveyed hundreds of thousands of its users, and well basically, they don’t want your irrelevant ads, sweepstakes, sales and spam showing up on their news feed. So what’s that mean for your small business that lacks a $100,000 plus marketing budget just trying to get noticed on a local scale?
Honestly, it shouldn’t change anything if you were utilizing your Facebook ads properly to start with. While a lot of people will be complaining that this recent change to their advertising algorithms makes it more difficult for small budgets to advertise; it actually does nothing more than force you to produce a good ad. It’s a survival of the fittest type situation, if you aren’t promoting quality content then you probably won’t reach many users. Here are a few things to take note of:

Are you just posting links with no pictures or information about what that link might lead to? If you answered yes, stop, please….just stop. Nobody wants to see some random link on their news feed, and more importantly nobody wants to click on your random link. Add a picture, a video, something that lets your audience know your information is important and vital to them. And on that note…

Use Instagram to cross-post videos and pictures. Think about why people look at Instagram for a second…okay stop, people go to Instagram on their own free will to look at pictures and videos!! They enjoy it! Quality pictures and quality videos WILL still get noticed on Facebook without all the links and gimmicky sales pitches! Post the same quality level content that you would on Instagram to Facebook, and people will still be interested and your advertising boost won’t get blocked for having too many “spammy” words associated to it.

And lastly, know your demographics! Like seriously, why were you using Facebook ads to start with if you weren’t targeting your audience? No, seriously…why? Facebook has provided you with all the data analytics to know who, when and where to post your campaign. USE THAT DATA!!! It’s not just a bunch of nonsense! Is your target audience females between the ages of 26 and 32 who are single, own 1-2 cats, purchase Ben & Jerry’s and red wine on a weekly basis and binge watch rom-coms on Netflix, because they have commitment issues and a longer list of bad relationships than Taylor Swift? You can find that demographic! Okay…maybe not that specific, but you get the point.



New filters, new emojis (some of which have now been blocked, but you can look that information up on your own). Nothing big has changed with this platform, but Instagram is always a go-to example of what artistic and quality posts can and should look like. Find your competitors or your favorite companies, and see what they’re doing. Then do better!


Turns out Pinterest is working on providing businesses with data analytics and posting options that will be similar to Facebook, so your pins reach the right Pinheads…(is that the right term?) Anyways, right now this phenomenon is only in the testing stage, and it is only being utilized by a few major business partners of Pinterest. However, stay tuned, because this will definitely be a game changer for social media marketing!


Finally!! You can comment on posts you retweet! Okay that has nothing to really do with marketing other than you can now add your two cents before retweeting a link or tweet…but can I get an AMEN!? It’s about time Twitter! In other news, they are continually advancing their data analytics to be more relevant in the advertising game…oh and they purchased Periscope…which brings me to my next topic.

Periscope or Meerkat?-

What do you need to know about the live streaming apps? Twitter purchased Periscope…sorry Meerkat.

**Drops mic…