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May 20, 2021
The Horizon

People are more likely to give to a cause that’s close to reaching its goal.

People are more likely to give extra effort toward the end of a marathon (not that we have personal experience)

People are likely to spend a little bit of extra time reading than they normally would if they’re close to the end of a chapter or the end of a book.

We like feeling progress.

Progress is easy to measure at the end, a little less easy to measure right after starting, and a whole lot tougher to measure in the middle of something.


Saving money is tough.

We get a good feeling directly after starting because we’re working toward a goal (paying off debt, buying a house, retirement)

And then we save for a bit, and the goal is still so far away.

But once we get to within $100, it all of a sudden feels very attainable and makes us want to say no to that bag of chips, bag of pretzels, and two pints of ice cream (something we do have personal experience with).

Break things down into smaller pieces.

Milestones multiply motivation.