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April 22, 2020
The Goldilocks Guide

Has this ever happened to you? You take a bite of your porridge and it’s just TOO HOT?

Probably not. You’ve probably never had porridge a day in your life. And that’s ok. Our videographer Caleb hasn’t either, and he can still make sweet sweet vids.

As humans, we don’t like being on the extremes.

You don’t want to order the small fry from McDonald’s (not enough!) and you don’t want to order the large either (who can handle that much grease sweat?) but the Medium? Perfection.

You’re looking for a new coffee maker, and you don’t want to buy the most expensive one (ok, you do, but it’s over $1000) but you also don’t want to buy the least expensive one (although you probably will because it’s $25).

As you’re making decisions, be mindful of this shortcut our brains take. The middle isn’t always right, but it often does make us feel safer.


What options are you providing to the people you interact with?

Tiers of pricing on products/services you provide? Lengths of service agreements?

Or on the personal side, another night in the house that involves a lot of energy, a little bit of energy, or somewhere in between?

Strive to benefit the people you serve with the way you frame your offerings.


[This post first featured in the J2SLETTER]