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May 5, 2021
The Best Marketing

We search for “the best”.

  • Restaurant
  • Car
  • Movie
  • Place to live
  • Way to brew tea

An unfortunate reality – the best idea doesn’t always win.

The best product doesn’t always win.


The header of this post is tagged as an h1 because it makes it easier for your search engine to understand what’s on the page.

It’s not specialized for you. It’s specialized for Google.

It’s the most optimized.

The substitute may mean “the easiest to find”.


Plenty of good options are being left on the table because they’re not being displayed on the first page.

And your ideas may not be winning out because they’re not following “the formula”.

We need to focus more on idea optimization.

Make them easy to spread and stick.

Provide social proof, both of peers and rivals.

Shrink the distance between what someone is currently doing and what they could be doing. Give them small practical steps that are simple to reverse if they try it out and decide it isn’t for them.