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Text Message Marketing Packages

Reach customers right on their phone
Text Message Marketing is a great way for people to receive updates, specials, and more, right to their phone using our simple shortcode.

Shortcode: 72727

*$10/month for each additional keyword above allotted.
*Messages can be purchased in bulk for discounted rate.


See how some of our clients are using Text Message Marketing to grow their business

Grand Horizon Center – Elkhart, Indiana

Grand Horizon Center has been using text message marketing since early 2013. They used give aways to help build up a list of over 2,000 subscribers. GHC then uses the service to announce events and important details. The use of texting has contributed to a growth of up to a 10% increase in event participation. Text “GHC” to 72727.

JuJu Berry Frozen Yogurt – Marion, Indiana

JuJu Berry was one of our first clients to use text message marketing. They offer a wide variety of frozen yogurt and frozen custard. Located near Indiana Wesleyan University, they have a strong college demographic. That made it a simple choice to use texting as a form of marketing for them. They’ve been successful in growing their list quickly and effectively.

River Valley Church – Mishawaka, Indiana

River Valley, along with church plant, Renew Elkhart, have found texting to be a great way to communicate with church members. Both churches use texting for a wide variety of things from closings and events, to daily verses. Both churches use our 72727 short code with multiple keywords for the various sections of the church.

The Living Room Coffee House – Elkhart, Indiana

The Living Room had used texting from the day it opened. Coffee is usually an impulse buy and the Living Room wanted to capitalize on that with instant communication. They’ve grown their list by promoting it on social media and their website. They’ve also used it to give customers their wifi password. Using small table tents with instructions on it, patrons simply text in and get the code delivered to them. That way the network is secure, but people still have easy access to it.

Shepard Swim School – Elkhart, Indiana

Shepard is an amazing indoor swim school in Elkhart. They began using texting to increase sales in their shop as well as increase class signups. They grew their list by promoting it at events, on social media, and in house. They send out great deals. Text “shepard” to 72727.

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