texting blog (1)*Ding* *Buzz* *Whoosh* We all know that tell-tale sound our phone makes when it receives a text message. That sound means that someone is contacting you directly, and cell phones across the United States are making them more than six billion times a day. That’s right—billion—with a “B.”

With that staggering statistic, it’s surprising how few businesses are tapping into mobile marketing via text. Text messages are more personal, more direct than messages broadcast via traditional or even social medias. And, unlike any other media, texting practically guarantees your message will be seen, with more than 97% of texts being read within three minutes of being received*.

What’s more, while about 65% of adults in the US use a social networking platform**, the number of cell phones in the United States exceeds the population. The question is not whether your customers have cell phones, but how many do they have?

Now that I’ve convinced you text messaging is not only a viable, but necessary, marketing platform, how can you best utilize it?

Texting works particularly well for the food & beverage and retail industries: those that thrive on a certain level of customer spontaneity. Texts can be highly suggestive when sent at the right time. Imagine the power of one or two parents getting a text about a deal on ice cream right in the middle of watching their children play little league on a hot day. After the game, the whole team may be rolling up to the local ice cream shop to cool off.

Texting also works well for disseminating information quickly, such as a class cancellation at the gym or a church service delay due to weather. In these situations, time is of the essence to maintain customer satisfaction or even safety. The fact that the average American checks his or her phone an average of 150 times a day*** means your message will be seen in a timely manner.

Whether you’re looking to generate sales during a slow period or inform your customers of a change, text messages reach your audience directly and quickly. Can you afford to let your competitors reach your customers in this way before you do?

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** Pew Research Center

*** Mogreet, Inc.