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September 4, 2020
Surveillance Ethics

As technology advances, we find that how we used to do things is becoming simpler and more streamlined.

Many of us buy everything online, we aren’t frequenting physical stores as much, and we are now streaming content we want to our devices without commercial interruptions.

Due to this, marketers have changed many longstanding processes to try to meet their targets wherever they are now.


They are doing this by using and relying heavily on data.

Consumer behavior data is more valuable than ever to help marketers effectively convey their messages,

But when does using this data cross the line?


It’s no secret by now that some big tech companies use their products and services to collect data about their users and then they are able to sell it to other companies to use.

To many marketers, this data seems like gold and they go about their marketing day doing their marketing things,

But this data comes from real people and these people might not have agreed to its collection or they might not have known all of what is being collected.


I’m not saying all data is bad and we need to go back to using candles and writing with quills,

But I am urging people to take a second to think about all the data that is being collected.

Maybe somewhere out there, there is a customer profile being built on you…




Mind you, not everyone acts within an ethical code.