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October 23, 2020
Stay Grounded

With everything that is happening in the world, it can feel like you’re drifting away in a sea of uncertainty.

Some of us have started working from home, completely shaking up life as we know it.

Others hang in limbo working from home and heading into the office.

All of this uncertainty and lack of a routine can really stress you out and leave you drained mentally and physically.


Routines can help lower stress and help you feel more accomplished.

The big three for a good routine are

  • Getting enough sleep
  • Getting some exercise
  • And eating healthily, regularly

Staying positive and setting realistic daily goals can also help you feel more productive.

And make sure you set aside some time for activities you enjoy!


A routine is meant to help keep you grounded and get you through rough days.

If you find that you aren’t sticking to your routine, change it up, and keep trying.

Don’t beat yourself up over things.