Ad Management

Planning • Implementing • Measuring

What do you get when you add 14 media reps, 7 TV stations, 2 magazines, 1 newspaper, and 4 radio stations? A lot of time spent on something other than your business. Our job as your Advertising Agency, is to take the time and hassle of creating, planning, and placing your advertising off your shoulders so you can focus on the main event, your business.
Let us take care of the rest.


Getting deals and specials on your ads, without hitting your target demographic, is worthless. When we plan your advertising, we learn the best specials directly from the media companies and customize your ads to be placed in the spots that have the most reach for your target market, all while working within your budget.


Once the ads are ready, and we’ve confirmed the schedule with you, we work closely with the media representatives from each company to ensure that your ads are placed and run without any hiccups. If you ever want to make a change, you just have to call one number, ours. We’ll take care of the rest.


We’re numbers people. We’re convinced that numbers play a vital role in your marketing. Wherever we can, we implement a way to measure specific ads and ROI. This helps you see the success of your ads and it helps us know how to adjust along the way.

  • TV 60%
  • Radio 12%
  • Print 3%
  • Social 15%

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