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June 1, 2021

A potential next path for eCommerce is to lean into social.

See what friends are doing. What products they’re buying. How they’re using it.

Spotify took streaming music and added a social aspect to it. Now you can see & follow the playlists friends make. Businesses even have their public playlists available for people to follow.

Netflix might benefit from introducing a more social feature in addition to their recommendation algorithm. See what friends are on and what they’re watching. See watch lists created by the people they’ve connected with.

Maybe their assumption is that we’ll just talk with them about it.


One concern is handling privacy.

A social buying experience focused on support and encouragement would require opting in.

Because what we buy feels like an extension of who we are.

Which can make it kind of daunting to share as well.

The question isn’t just who will be the first to buy, but who will be the first to buy into the system?


We have a one-sided version of this already. Leaving reviews with comments on Amazon.

Seeing recommendations of “people like you viewed these products as well”

It’s more about information transfer than social engagement.


The difference would be finding and creating a central online place for the people interested in your brand and giving them a place to belong.