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October 7, 2020
Rituals Vs. Routines

Rituals elevate.

Routines ground.


Rituals move us to a new stage.

Routines move us to the next step.


Rituals slow us down.

Routines keep us moving.


Something can be both a ritual and a routine.

Birthdays happen every year, so they’re routine, but they can also move us to new stages of life if we acknowledge them and allow them to transform us.

Brushing our teeth is typically just a routine, but it can be a ritual for some people.

Friday night pizza can be a ritual because it slows us down and focuses on important things, even though it happens every week.


We’ve got work routines – weekly meetings, coffee breaks, chip days (@J2 on Fridays at noon)

But how many work rituals do we have?

And how many rituals or routines do you have with your customers?