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October 2, 2020
Publication Bias

We only see the edited version of things.

Photos, videos, words, emails, texts (thank goodness)

If it isn’t submitted, it isn’t seen.

If it isn’t edited it isn’t submitted. (usually)

Which means we compare our unedited lives to the edited lives of others.

Our product in process, to the end result of our competitors.


Scientists publish results to things that confirm what they were testing (most times)

But the best stuff is the tests that disprove what we were setting out to test.

Because then we’re learning rather than confirming.


We rarely see the struggle people go through to get to the end.


It isn’t helpful.

It makes us feel bad and focuses us on how we don’t look like they look.


Evaluate your process against theirs.

Compare products, but only at the end when the work is complete.

Give yourself some support and remind yourself you’re only seeing the work that made the cut.

You’re at where they are, just behind the scenes.