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Liberty Tower // J2 marketing

New Logo and Building Signage


Bring life to the downtown area of South Bend and to the Liberty Tower.


We designed a new logo from scratch for the reinvigorated Liberty Tower.


For the first time in several years, the tallest building in South Bend now has a beautiful new name tag.

The owners of Liberty Tower made it clear that they want this legendary building to connect with the community and empower the people of South Bend. Though their connections are in New York, they decided to hire a local designer to capture the essence of the city. We hope this logo design is a symbolic indicator of what the tower will be in the future: a revitalized hub for a comeback city. A central, connecting establishment in a city of wildly different people who have the unified dream of an innovative, enduring city we call home.

Before After

“… a revitalized hub for a comeback city.”

But don’t take our word for it.

I have one word for this logo: Bravo!
Demitri Tsiokas

Project Manager, Liberty Tower

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