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F&F Machine Products has been a J2 client for several years. We’ve worked with them on a few iterations of their website and printed materials. In early 2015 the decision was made to change their name from F&F Screw Machine to F&F Machine Products. A name change meant everything was changed, new sign, logo, website, printed materials, banners, etc. In an effort to promote the name change, along with 55 years of business, we launched a local branding campaign and these are the details.
I couldn’t be happier with the innovative and state of the art design work that your bringing to our website. Everyone who has seen our website loves the creativity. Your marketing strategies with ads, apparel, business cards and brochures has made it easier to promote our business.

Owner, F&F Machine Products


The website is the core of this project. We’re driving traffic to the website so that potential customers can realize all the F&F can do. We’ve implemented local SEO strategies as well as email marketing.


We created multiple videos to showcase the history, services, and machine list for F&F. We wanted to show the overall style of the shop and it’s culture, as well as the diverse capabilities.