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Many people don’t know that Kyle and Erik used to ride BMX bikes when they were younger. Kyle loved it so much that he started working at a bike shop at barely 14 years old. Making $4/hr, Kyle built an understanding of bikes and a relationship with Mark and Georgia at Family Bike. Now, years later, Family Bicycle Center has called Kyle back to work, but in a different way. Family Bike has been around since 1978 offering new and refurbished bikes for sale, and bike repair and maintenance. With the change and increase in technology, they saw a very real need to revamp their digital presence, including their logo, website, and social media. Here’s how we helped them.

We started with the logo. The FB is original to Family Bike and has been labeling their bikes for decades. We saw value in keeping that around. We introduced a modern font with thin lines and plenty of curves that represent movement. We then converted the black and yellow of the original logo to a bold red and soft gray. We softened the red a little to match the gray. This is what we ended up with…

Family Bike Logo
With the colors and logo in place, we moved onto the website. The biggest need for them was being mobile friendly. We crafted a modern, responsive website for them with crisp Retina graphics and high quality photos. We’re working with Indiana Bicycle to implement a ride calendar. This is what we built…
Family Bike elkhart
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