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Pinterest For BusinessMany nights I beat my husband home from work, so I get some “personal” time with my TV on, watching Netflix. When my husband walks in and sees me, rarely does he find me actually watching the TV. I am usually glued to my iPhone or laptop, scrolling through an outrageous amount of pins on Pinterest.

The shoes. The clothes. The recipes. The beauty tips. They have all been pinned to my cleverly named Pinterest boards, as reference for future use.

Something that started as a personal thing-to-do, has quickly evolved into a great marketing tool for many businesses, big and small. There are all sorts of blogs, stores, and even restaurants that have jumped on the marketing bandwagon known as Pinterest.

How can something like Pinterest help a business?

With a simple little button that takes 30 seconds to download, the Pin it button keeps anything from a website by hitting your Pin it button. This allows you to pin that content or picture to your own Pinterest board. For example, If you are looking for marketing tools from a magazine, and you find that the article is one you want to keep, click Pin it, and choose which board you want to pin to. It’s like a condensed version of bookmarking. Simple. As a business, however, you want to make sure that your content will be “pinner friendly”.

1. Make your content worth a repin.

It is good to have the Pinterest icon on your page, so that people know they pin easily from your site. It also encourages the viewer to pin it for future reference.
Once your company has their own Pinterest board, be sure to make your content easy to follow yet effective.

2. Use Categories

Try and create your Pinterest site with boards that are broken down into categories, that way your viewer will not get lost or overwhelmed with so many options. So, if you have boutique you want to market on Pinterest, separate your board into categories like “swim wear”, “shoes”, “jackets”, etc. This will make it easier for your customer to find what they are looking for.

3. Do not miss out on a chance to brand your pins.

Pinterest is a great opportunity to brand your pins that you post with your logo, or even your slogan. This is an easy marketing tool to use. The more you pin with your logo, the person who will repin your pin, will in essence be marketing for you, because their followers will see your logo.

4. Add as much product detail about the pin possible.

Don’t overwhelm your customer with details, but put enough information to grab their attention to make them want to repin it. If you are a realtor, it would probably benefit you to post a picture of a house you’re selling, with information like square footage, number of rooms, etc. It will grab the attention of the customer, instead of them having to dig for all that info.

5. Repin from other businesses and stay active.

Its beneficial to stay active and involved in the social media community, including Pinterest. Be sure to follow up with comments if someone leaves one for your pin. And it never hurts to repin another person’s pin if it is applicable to your company someway. By doing this, you are engaging more with followers and with people who are interested in your company as well. The more active you are, the more potential interaction you could receive.

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