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May 19, 2021
O’s and O’s

Draw the letter “o”

How do you start it?

From the Top? Bottom? Side?

In the J2 office, there’s a very wrong way to do it.

Wrong meaning one is in the minority.


The ones with power determine what’s right, which in this case means merely the majority.

We might not even be aware that we’re doing something “wrong”.

After all, it dates back to elementary years when we were first learning how to write.

It’s something we absorbed when we were young and didn’t give it a second thought until coworkers pointed it out to us.

The good news is we can change.


With enough effort, we could start making our o’s the “right” way.

Now, this is a small example and it does no one any harm, and sometimes it isn’t worth the effort.

But there are plenty of instances where it’s important and necessary.

The lesson?

Instead of being defensive about it, we can think about the factors that led us to where we are.

And then we can think about the factors that led others to their behavior and develop empathy and understanding for them.