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June 7, 2021
Optimize or Reevaluate

Instead of optimizing and refining, what if we reevaluated?

Take meetings for example. What’s their specific purpose? Do the people attending have a shared understanding of the purpose?

If no one knows the purpose, the messaging might not be clear.


What if the meeting doesn’t need to happen?

Could it be accomplished with something else?

  • What if it could be a 1 on 1 instead?
  • Or a quick email.
  • Or a shared document for people to work through.
  • Or a 10-minute check-in.

The meaning of the meeting is determined by the participants, even if it’s different than the intended purpose.


We create reality together.

The way to evaluate is consistent and open communication. Small tweaks may not be enough.

Blend the message and meaning.

We might need to optimize, or we might need to start from scratch.