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January 8, 2021

Social+ are companies that take an individual experience and inject it with the power of community.

Rather than simply focusing on the individual or consumer, these companies try to employ the benefits of social interaction.

Pinduoduo is a $100 billion company focused on taking the best parts of Amazon and building it around an interactive interface.


Most people would rank doing something with others as better than not doing something with others, provided we can choose the people, of course.

  • Eating alone -> Eating with family
  • Working out alone -> Working out with a friend
  • Playing solitaire -> playing solitaire with someone (wait…).

Rather than working on Marketing solo, how can we bring in other people to boost it?


It’s more meaningful when it’s built from people outside of the organization because they’re viewed as being less motivated than the company for its success.

It’s part of why influencers are so popular.

It’s bigger than us, it’s worth talking about, and it’s worth engaging with the people around us.