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December 30, 2020
Make Better Promises

“It will change your life.”

It’s a safe statement.

Because measuring change is difficult.

Every breath we take is technically changing our lives because in the absence of that next breath our lives would be decidedly different.

So it’s easy to promise, but tough to prove.


“It will improve your life” is a more challenging commitment to make, but it should be our goal.

Yet it’s also tough to measure.

  • What factors are we taking into consideration?
  • How much control over the situation does one have?
  • What does an improved life look like for one individual vs another?


The more specific we can be – go from x to y in z.

The easier it is to measure.

And the easier it is to measure, the easier it is to prove.

And the easier it is to prove, the easier it is to build trust.



The belief an organization has in the product it offers, and the belief of the individual in the transformative power of the product or service itself.

And the foundation is trust.