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January 7, 2021
Learning to Play a Game (or Another Skill)
  1. Watch a video on how to play.
  2. Learn the rules.
  3. Read the literature (rulebook seems a little too simplistic here).
  4. Watch the video again.
  5. Play the game.
  6. Play it wrong.
  7. Disagree about how it’s played.
  8. Look up the specific rules.
  9. Respectfully resolve the disagreement and move on.
  10. Learn it with a friend so they can point out something you might be missing.
  11. Play it with a friend so you can correct them when they’re doing it wrong.
  12. Win or lose.
  13. Play again.
  14. Try a new strategy.


Learning most things will follow a similar pattern, we can substitute ‘game’ for ‘skill’.

We benefit from having a teacher and a peer.

A complete understanding of how the game is played will take us far.

Repetition and resilience will help us improve.

And losing isn’t the end.

Neither is winning.