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Don’t worry about your website any more. You don’t have to be a coding professional to manage your site with J2 Care. We work hard to make sure your WordPress website stays up to date and secure.

System Updates

WordPress, theme, and plugins all need to be updated regularly so they continue to function well. We’ll take care of that for you.


Security Monitoring and Updates

Security is a big thing these days. We’ll make sure your site is free of malicious attacks that could black list it or even bring it down entirely.


Downtime Monitoring and Restoration

Websites can go down for many different reasons. If you’re not trained, it can be impossible to figure out why. Good thing is, we’re trained and we can restore your site if it goes down.

Site Backups

Backing up your site is vitally important. If anything happens to your site files, we can restore them with the most recent update.

Site Analytics

Analytics are a key element of marketing. Seeing where your web traffic is coming from and where it’s going can change the course of your business.

Spam Protection

Unfortunately the internet is full of spam. We’ll protect your website from fake or spam comments to keep it a safe and reliable place for your real customers.


Video Tutorials

If you’re ever confused about how to do something in your WordPress website, we’ll have videos for you to watch and follow along with to bring you up to speed.


Site Speed

No one likes to wait around for a site to load. We’ll test and analyze your site to ensure a faster load time and better user experience.

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J2Care is the property of J2 Marketing. J2 Marketing reserves the right to change features and pricing without notice.

J2 Marketing cannot ensure 100% protection from data attacks or leaks and will not be held liable for any leaks of private information. 

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