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March 22, 2021
I See/I Understand

If we can see it, it’s easier for us to understand.

If we can’t see it, it’s more challenging for us to understand.

Here’s the thing, just because we see something doesn’t mean we understand it.

We can misinterpret it.

The creator of the visual can mislead us.

People who understand some of the cognitive biases we all have can manipulate us if they have bad intentions.


It’s our responsibility to do the reading, to learn how to protect against deception.

It’s the responsibility of the people around us to not do clickbaity things.

We can’t control what other people do, but we can control what we reward in society.

Data are good. (side note, data is plural which is weird. Other side note the singular of data is a datum.)

Consider the source. Consider the intention. Consider the broader perspective.