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May 13, 2021
How to Make a Popular Show

It’s a different process than how to make a good show.

It’s even different than how to make a show popular.

You can make a good show that’s popular.

A show that’s not good, but is popular.

One way to make a popular show:

  • Make a lot of shows.
  • See how they perform.
  • Cancel the ones that don’t get ‘enough’ viewers.
  • Renew the ones that hit the bar.
  • Repeat.

Netflix has algorithms that tell them when it’s worth renewing, and when it’s worth stopping.

We might not like it, especially when it’s one of our favorite shows.

It’s a ruthless path to content creation and curation.

It hasn’t won them any friends, but based on the amount of content and the number of awards they’ve received, it has won them a number of new subscribers.

The downfall is they miss out on shows developed to be a long burn. To not have an immediate payoff.

We work with tradeoffs all the time.

It’s a matter of evaluating what’s going to help meet goals and prioritizing those in a responsible way.