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Disney Sales ProcessI’m not a self-proclaimed Disney expert, but I’m getting there. I have 2 and 4 year old daughters. As you can imagine, I know all the lines to Frozen, have blue, teal, and pink everywhere in the house, and we just took them to Disney “for the first time in forever” (you Frozen experts will get that line). We had an amazing time at Disney meeting princesses, riding “Unda da sea,” and watching them turn the castle into an incredible light and firework show (Tinker Bell on the zip line was epic).

Enough about my vacation…

Being the marketing/business minded guy that I am, I couldn’t help but look at all the intricate ways Disney makes money. Of course they have the basic parking charges, stroller rental, food, candy, etc. But, as we walked out of “100 Acre Goods Gift Shop,” I just stopped in awe of how perfect Disney set up their attractions to make a sale. Let’s walk through their process:

  1. The Line – The lines we waited in weren’t too bad, but Elsa and Anna sucked up 90 minutes right out of the gate. This line, if it’s the right length, creates anticipation. Anticipation for the child to see the princess and the parent to be done waiting in a line.
  2. The FastPass – If you’re not up for lines, you can acquire what Disney calls a FastPass+. This puts you in the shortcut line, cutting your wait to almost nothing in most cases. At the same time, not having the FastPass creates a sense of scarcity since there are a limited number of passes available and the longer you wait, the less you get to see.
  3. The Ride/Meet – This is the mountain top of the experience. It’s what everyone’s been waiting for. You get to go on a ride through a magical land of made-up creatures and characters. You get to meet your favorite princess or bouncing tiger. You reach your high. This is the bait. This is why everyone is here. Without this, the wait is worthless and there is no Disney World.
  4. The Gift Shop – Here’s the Right Hook (See JJJRH book by Gary Vaynerchuck). Now that you’ve waited, wanted, and experienced what you came for, Disney is offering you the opportunity to take the experience home. Grandmas, grandpas, moms, and dads everywhere have no power against this. It took less than 30 seconds for my daughters to find and “need” a stuffed Tigger or mini Elsa. And we paid for them to have the joy of continuing their experience.

As I stood there with my Father-In-Law discussing the perfection of the Disney sales flow, I had to give props to Walt for his creativity. I know, at least I think I know, that Walt wasn’t in it for the money, but over $10 Million a day flowing through Magic Kingdom is a nice bonus. The thought and design that went into the sales flow isn’t out of the ordinary, it’s just, like everything else with Disney, well thought-out. We as business owners can put the same effort and thought into our sales flows. Imagine if every point of contact your customers had with your business had a purpose and created a platform for the next step in the process. Imagine the growth.



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