Google's going to kill your websiteFor many businesses, their website is not only important, it’s vital. It’s vital that their website be 100% functional, near the top of the search pages, and driving sales. After all, isn’t that what these websites are supposed to do? They should show up at the top when your best customer searches for your product or service. Recently Google announced their change to focus on delivering the best results for searches depending on the type of device used to search. So, when you read the articles that say Google’s going to kill your website, they’re not too far off.


Let’s put this in plain language.

When you search for a plumber on Google on your phone, Google’s intent is to give you the best search experience based on location, device, and several other factors. That means the plumber who has a complete Google listing and a responsive website will have better ranking. Because his site performs well on a phone, Google knows that the searcher will have a better experience on his website, and thus give his site a better ranking.

This ranking system applies to any device or screen size, but the main issues will show up on the smaller screens. It’s a bit surprising to us that web designers/developers are still building websites that are not responsive. Now Google is putting this change into place to encourage designers and developers to make the switch completely.


What does this means for your website?

This change by Google could be life or death for your website. If your website is not mobile friendly, Google’s going to kill your website… at least in mobile searches. If your site is mobile friendly, you’ll have better chances of beating out other sites in mobile search. You still need to implement standard SEO practices like effective Alt Tags, properly named photos, etc. This change does not mean that your site will be banished from Google forever if it’s not mobile friendly, but you will need to make the switch to responsive design as soon as possible. And, we know just the people who can help you.