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September 8, 2020
Good Design



Which is in itself a type of design (If you squint really hard)


Good design = (clarity + consistency) x cause

  • Clarity – It’s quickly and easily apparent what you’re trying to communicate.
  • Consistency – It’s got the same look/feel/vibe across everything in your company. Your LinkedIn matches your website, which matches your AOL instant messenger.
  • Cause – This is your WHY. It’s a multiplier because it really separates you from the next lowest price, or the next quickest delivery (unless that’s your deal.)


Looking pretty is NOT a requirement, although it helps. It can be as simple as text on a page.

It can be a process within your company. It can be the way you send an email.

If you see something with a bad design, it’s likely failing at one or more of these things.

If it’s not clear, you’ll miss out on what it’s supposed to accomplish.

If it’s not consistent, you’ll miss out on building your relationship with people.

And if you’re missing your cause, you’re missing out on the whole point.


Look for everyday examples of design in your life and hold them up against this equation.

Are they good? Or are they bad?

What needs to change?



*(Quick informal poll of J2 Studios says we averaged an A- in high school Algebra, so you can trust us because we’re REALLY good at equations.)