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June 29, 2020

Company A has a 100% approval rating.

Company B has an 80% approval rating.


Which is better?


Does it change when Company A only has 1 customer and Company B has 1000?

We’d think 800 happy customers beats out 1 happy customer every time.

Unless that 1 person has the resources of Jeff Bezos and it’s all your company can do to keep that person happy, and company B is actually losing value by trying to keep all 800 of those people satisfied.


We could keep going.


That 1 customer might be on a global conquest without regard for the bodies left in their wake.

Those 800 happy customers might be working jointly on a way to eliminate poverty or hunger.

The flip side is always there.

It matters how we frame things.




It shapes our expectations.

What are you aiming for, and do you have the full picture?