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September 11, 2020
Focus =/= Multitasking





If you want to focus on a task, you cannot effectively multitask.

If you want to multitask, you cannot effectively focus on a task.


If you have ever tried to do two things at once, you may understand exactly what we mean.

Have you ever tried to write something while carrying on a phone conversation?

You find that you end up typing what you are saying on the phone.

If you are able to write something, you might have to sacrifice effectively listening to the person on the phone or give short brief answers.


Humans can multitask but we don’t do it very well.

We have to pay a switching cost for our choices.

This means that we mentally have to take time to switch our mindset for each task.

And then we pay again when we have to switch back.


So next time you’re writing a blog post for J2DAY and you hear the familiar ding of a new email coming in, maybe it’s best to finish the blog post first.