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We’re part of a networking group in Elkhart that meets every Friday at noon. We’ve enjoyed meeting new people and developing relationships further with the ones we see every week. We’re convinced that networking is a long term investment.
We decided to take on the task of putting together a networking event. We wanted to add more to it then just a big room of people, so we added breakout sessions with leaders in our group and the community that talk about subjects in which they are an expert. We have Rick Horn, from the Growth Coach. Rick is an excellent business leader and coach. We also have Steve Peer from Better Living Technologies speaking on email marketing. He uses that method quite effectively. Kyle Hannon from the Elkhart Chamber is speaking on community. Finally, we will be presenting on Social media.
This event is free and open to anyone who wants to grow their business. It’s at the Grand Horizon Center in Elkhart, May 23rd from 4-7pm.

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