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About Digital Marketing

If you’re an American who sleeps 8 hours per night, then chances are you spend less than 6 waking hours a day away from a screen.

Really? Really.

Reports from 2018 show that the average American devotes more than 10 hours to screen time every day. That’s 10+ hours a day of entertainment, information, and work that happens on our phones, TVs, or computers. It’s no surprise then, that honing in on digital marketing, or marketing that appears online, is mission critical.

And it’s not just about websites anymore.

Instagram ads, online promotional videos, and emails (yes they still matter), should all work together to form your digital marketing campaign. As a digital marketing agency, we’re here to help you strategize how to reach your audience and grow your businesses online. Here’s a quick flyover of how we do it.

Types of Digital Marketing

Since digital marketing is any kind of marketing that appears online, then there are hundreds of things that fall under that category. At J2, we’ve narrowed our scope to four primary forms of digital marketing: Branding and Design, Videography, Websites, and Social Media Management.

At J2, we break these down into three categories: Video, Design, and Content.