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January 6, 2021
Different Rules for Different Folks

Certain tabletop games have different paths to victory.

Each player works toward their unique goal.

You can boost your chances of winning by interfering with the other players.

Or you can have a singular dedication to carrying out your own victory conditions.

If other people interfere with you sometimes you have fewer available options. Outside forces limit what you can accomplish.

We can work to remove those forces, but sometimes they’re too powerful.


It doesn’t mean give up.

It means to work around it.

To focus on the things we can control.

To fight back as necessary.

To not let it just ‘happen’.

But this post is just about a game.

The stakes for real life are much higher.

Because in games typically there is one winner and many losers.

In life, less so.



And we should win and lose together.