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August 24, 2020

They cover the principle of scarcity.

A lack of time will focus our attention.

When you wake up late in the morning you spend way less time on unnecessary things like brushing your teeth or putting on socks. You’re focused on getting up and getting out the door.

“Don’t put it off until the last minute” is good advice to help with our stress and health.

But if we spend the time absorbing additional information and thinking creatively we might be able to accomplish more in less time.




Self-imposed deadlines can be helpful because it allows us to structure our workflow in a way that works for us, while still allowing us time to go back and revisit our work.

These blogs come out every weekday and yet rather than writing every day, (a good practice!) one of our writing staff writes in one chunk once a week at the last possible minute (a different practice!)

But it’s also good in its own way. Without that, this blog post wouldn’t exist.

Think about your deadlines differently. They’re an opportunity to do really focused work. They’re a chance to make sure we loose our work instead of always revising. They give us freedom and flexibility to make changes to our workflow to combat the stress that comes with it.

Set personal deadlines. Share them with friends to help you reach them. Commit.