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September 9, 2020

Data is:

  • Biased
  • Irrelevant
  • Necessary

Biased because we all have our own perspectives. It doesn’t need to be good or bad. We can highlight the areas we think are most important and sweep the other information under the rug. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing! This can help clarify and focus in on an important piece rather than focusing on all the other noise.

Irrelevant because we can measure a lot, but we can’t measure everything. We don’t have control over outside forces. And so when there’s a downturn in statistical performance it doesn’t always mean we need to tear down our approach and start from scratch. We might just be missing the bigger forces affecting the buyer’s decision or customer journey.

Necessary because how else can we improve? If we don’t have a starting point, a goal, or milestones, how will we know if we’re doing better work?




Data will mislead us all at some point.