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September 1, 2020
Context is King

It’s also Queen.

But we wanted it to have a better chance of sticking with you. Darn those alliterations.

You can have the best content/product In. The. World. And it doesn’t matter if no one can find it.




IF Shakespeare came back to life and wrote a new masterpiece on a roll of toilet paper, in perfect Latin, and it was dropped in the Antarctic, would it really matter?

Of course, it would be GOOD. (probably? J2oosiers don’t spend a lot of our time reading the poetry/prose of dead people. Note – not a brag, it’s more of a confession.)


If on the other hand, an average person shares a video of them doing homework on Youtube with #withme there’s a good chance they’ll get A LOT of views.

Watching someone do homework is not interesting. And yet technology makes it easily shareable, and if it’s shared it spreads. And once it spreads, it rules. At least for a while.

Be mindful of advertising. If your product shows up next to an undesirable product like a leather snuggie, then some of those feelings might be attributed to your product as well.




Content is important but secondary.