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Social Media Management

It’s 2019, and 3.48 billion people are on social media. That means businesses and brands are showing up on platforms to meet their clients where they’re at. If you’re looking to include social media as part of your digital marketing strategy, you should keep two options in mind: posting and ads.

Social Media Posting

2018 social ad revenue projections were set at $51.3 billion. That’s a massive number. So what makes social ads so appealing for business owners?

• Social ads allow more targeting options and analytics than traditional ads.
• They can integrate with your website and e-mail marketing platforms for additional retargeting.
• All-ads considered, they’re a cost effective way to spread the word about your business.

We’re able to provide the strategy, content, and analytics for your social media advertising and help you integrate it with the rest of your digital marketing strategy.

Social Media Ads

Social media management packages allow us to partner with businesses to post quality content that drives engagement on a variety of social platforms. All of our packages are customized, and can include posting on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, instagram, and twitter.

We work alongside our clients to establish a posting frequency that works for them, then assist with high-quality pieces ranging from sharable blogs to graphics, pictures, and facebook live videos.

Digital Marketing and Social Media Recap

With people scrolling through 300 feet of social media content every day, you need quality content and strategies in place to make the most of your social pages. Advertisements need to capture attention in a competitive market, and all social media should work alongside with other digital marketing elements to give you a comprehensive marketing plan that funnels customers from initial research to after-sale follow up.

Developing Your Digital Marketing Strategy

As people continue to spend increasing amounts of time online, it’s critical to develop and implement a targeted digital marketing plan. Bringing together your website, emails, social media and other forms of digital marketing increases your impact in an oversaturated market.

Work with us

As a digital marketing agency in South Bend, Indiana, we’re equipped to help you strategize your brand, what digital platforms you need, and how to use them to maximize results. If you need help creating or running any digital marketing platform, reach out. We’re here to guide you through the process and help you express your brand in a way that cuts through other marketing noise.