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In a world where everything is sponsored, covered in ads, and littered with strategic product placement, how does any small business break through the noise and reach their potential customers?

Answer: Content.

We’ve been working with our clients to develop content strategies that will offer value to their customers. That’s why we write these blog posts, to offer value. The age of traditional ads being very effective is over. We, as consumers, are tired of sifting through ads to find the content we came for. We, as business owners, need to understand that and respond with value. Value comes in many different forms; information, story, comedy, etc. Here’s a prime example of video content that offers the value of laughter.

We’ve showed this piece by Pizza Hut to many people, and they only notice it’s a Pizza Hut ad at the end. That tells us that PH did a great job of telling a story, capturing peoples attention, and delivering value. Who’s hungry for pizza now? This type of content is worth sharing (or writing a blog post about), and content worth sharing is the goal. If you study the video and model your content strategy with this type of content in mind, your advertising will be less repulsive, and more sharable. Let’s pull out 3 things that make this video great.

  1. Comedy – Like we said earlier, comedy is a valid form of value. People love to laugh, but more importantly, they like to share things that make them laugh.
  2. RelevantPizza Hut played on the selfie and the selfie stick. The selfie stick is becoming ever popular, if not weird and a little annoying. Joining a very relevant conversation like this makes consumers want to share.
  3. Video – The fact that PH is sharing this content as a video is extremely effective. People love video and it gives Pizza Hut the ability to tell story without words. Video is king in the content delivery world.

So next time you’re strategizing about your marketing and advertising (which should be very soon), think about this spot, think about content, and deliver value. (Oh, and call us)


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