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April 6, 2021

50 degrees feels warm after a cold winter.

50 degrees feels cool after a hot summer.

It’s the same temperature.

What’s the baseline?


We might do something if all our friends are doing it.

We might avoid doing that same thing if none of our friends are doing it.

The proof is in how we compare things.

Just because everyone else is doing it isn’t always a great reason to do something.


But it is a tough motivation to escape.

If it’s something your friends are doing, you’re likely to do it.

If it’s something your enemies are doing (please don’t have enemies), you’re unlikely to do it.

If your friends and hypothetical enemies are both doing it, you’re almost certain to do it.

Because it has credibility and validity.

Credible because people like me do this thing.

Valid because even people who aren’t like me find value in it.