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Google’s Going to Kill Your Website

For many businesses, their website is not only important, it’s vital. It’s vital that their website be 100% functional, near the top of the search pages, and driving sales. After all, isn’t that what these websites are supposed to do? They should...

Domain and Hosting Explained

As we build websites for people, we often find that they’re confused on what a domain name is, why they need hosting, can they have emails with the website, etc. These are all great questions especially as you start your website project. In this quick article,...

Responsive Web Design

The term “Responsive Web Design” was developed in 2010 and has grown exponentially since then. Mashable called 2013 the year of Responsive Web Design. Responsive design simply means the design of your website responds to the size of the browser. So, if...

Hiring PHP Developer

We are excited to offer another position to the J2 Marketing team. We’re looking for a high-quality PHP developer who thrives on being creative and lights up at the sight of <div> tags. If you are a web crusader who could slay a dragon with your code slinging, we want you on our team.

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