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The Social Media Skinny: Updated, Outdated and Overrated

Social media tends to change daily…if not hourly on occasion, and to keep your business in the online marketing game it’s important to (at least attempt) to stay up-to-date with what’s new, what’s out, what’s different and what doesn’t matter. So here are a few recent changes to take note of in the ever changing world we’ve come to know as social media…

Bring On The Negative Comments

Let’s face it, word of mouth can be both helpful and damaging to your business depending on what’s being said. And in the age of social media there are multiple platforms in which the good, bad, and ugly comments can make their way to the public. Of course the good stuff is always much easier to take in, and is great for building a respected reputation for your business, boosting team morale, and undoubtedly a free way to advertise your services. However, it is frequently overlooked how beneficial the negative comments and feedback can really be for your business. Sure, in a perfect world it would all be five-star reviews and two thumbs up from every customer that walks through the door, but unfortunately this isn’t a perfect world and even the best companies will get an unfavorable rating from time to time. And too often business owners alike will miss this opportunity to spin something negative into a better opportunity than even a positive review could offer.

This is the Only Thing That Matters in Marketing

One of the greatest things about the Internet, more specifically social media, is that it gives businesses the ability to communicate their message freely and efficiently. The problem, however, is that because there’s so little cost involved, not much attention is paid to the quality of the content that is being pushed out. We see this in social media posts every day. Posts that are littered with misspellings, poor grammar, and horrible photos. Or ads that are forgettable and immeasurable. Why are so many businesses wasting money, time, and brand equity on this kind of content?

LinkedIn Profiles

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