Build Your Own Boat

I recently sat down with a long time family friend about his business web needs. He’s an Orthodontist, mine in fact. Unfortunately, his website was lost because the previous developer let the domain expire and is now unreachable. So, they called us. Lesson #1...

Have a Disney Day!

I’m not a self-proclaimed Disney expert, but I’m getting there. I have 2 and 4 year old daughters. As you can imagine, I know all the lines to Frozen, have blue, teal, and pink everywhere in the house, and we just took them to Disney “for the first...

Rubber Bands

There are 2 concepts that are not my own, but I think go hand-in-hand. One comes from marketing genius Seth Godin (just Google ‘Seth’). The other comes from leadership great John Maxwell. Let me explain the 2 concepts, then I’ll connect them.

Not for all of the granola bars in the world.

I recently sought out a financial firm for their services, and scheduled an appointment to meet at their offices the following week. Everything about the company to that point reassured me that they were professional; from their website to the receptionist’s voice when I made the call, and upon arrival to their offices I only saw more proof that this company held itself to a high standard. The cleanliness of the office, the friendliness of the girl behind the front desk and the waiting room decked out with free snacks, a mini fridge and comfy leather sofas told me that this was an institution that was going to go above and beyond to accommodate their clients. I hadn’t even talked to an advisor yet, and I already trusted them.