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January 21, 2021
Buying Peanut Butter

On one nut butter jar, the calories are displayed as 1 Tbsp. – 90 calories.

On another nut butter jar, the calories are displayed as 2 Tbsp. – 180 calories.

They’re communicating the same thing.

Why choose to list it one way over the other?


One might think it’s more appealing to list the lower calorie count.

The other might think the typical person is more likely to use 2 Tbsps than 1. So they’re doing their part to make their buyer as informed as possible.

Or maybe food regulators just tell them how they have to list it.

Different people will find different listings more or less compelling than the other, even though they’re no different from a calorie perspective.


It can impact how much we consume though. We might be a little more generous when it’s *only* 90 calories, so we put on a little extra and end up with 150.

We might be a bit more mindful if we think 180 is a lot, and so we’ll hold back and only put on 130 calories worth.

They’re communicating the same thing, but it does have an impact on our behavior.